Month in Review: January 2013


We’re skeptical of resolutions. That’s why this year we made ‘em small, specific, and manageable.

Let’s be real: We’re not going to learn to cook overnight, but we know we can figure how to make just one dish perfectly—Max and Eli Sussman of Brooklyn’s Mile End and Roberta’s helped us out there this month.

We’re not going to transform this gut into a six-pack any time soon, but we know we can take some tangible steps toward looking and feeling better. That’s why we’re whitening our teeth and applying some under eye cream in 2013. Oh, and we resolved to try out a new hairstyle this year. But before we settle on anything, we thought it best to take a look back at where we’ve been. We even—however briefly—got the (Boy) Band back together, all front flips, middle parts, and frosted tips. It doesn’t get any crispier than that. We decided to stick to gel, but picked up something a bit more refined than Dep.

And because a man should dream big in small doses, our resident organizational guru and 2 Chainz fan (proof of both can be found here), helped us craft our most ambitious resolution: Get organized. We’re on our way.

Buckle up, and tamp down those eyebrows—it’s time to review this month’s highlights from The Guide.


Birchbox Man

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