Month in Review: June 2013


Ever since our elementary school days, summer has been something of a sacred season: Few among us would have difficulty recalling a fond memory of a sweltering-yet-carefree day from our youth. While three months off is now a mere fantasy, summer is still the time for more vacations, more long weekends, and a more relaxed attitude overall. To celebrate the coming of June, we focused on ways to make the most of those precious days when our to-do lists and inboxes are out of mind. Here’s a recap from The Guide and beyond.

We turned relaxation into a science.

Since advance planning is the difference between a day off and a day spent running errands, we made sure to study up on strategies for unplugging from work, making the most of our lunch breaks, and engineering the perfect staycation. We also learned how to identify our skin type (and moisturize accordingly) and we mused on the finer points of mixing fragrances.

We stocked our dopp kits for long weekends.

Summertime and vacations go together like iced tea and lemonade, but all too often the hotel toiletry selections leave a lot to be desired. To help, we made a quick video showcasing 5 dopp kit essentials that you certainly won’t find waiting for you in your room. To ensure our vacation shaves are a pleasure, we also learned how to properly take care of our razors. If you happen to prefer a little facial hair during your free time, don’t worry: we also put together a great video about grooming your “off-duty stubble,” plus a fun tutorial on proper beard washing from the one and only Mr. Natty.

We didn’t slack on style.

Vacations can be an excuse to break out the wacky print shirts and cargo shorts, but we decided to keep things classy instead. To keep us inspired, we chatted with the ever-stylish menswear blogger Sean Hotchkiss, and took a look at some of the most stylish escape artists of all time. We also announced our awesome upcoming partnership with the hit USA series SUITS.

It’s shaping up to be a summer to remember.

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