This Perfume Is Your Plus One to Every Summer Party

For me, summer days feel even longer because of how I choose to spend those extra hours of daylight. Instead of retreating to my Brooklyn apartment most evenings (my winter M.O.), I morph into a woman-about-town, social butterflying from a Manhattan happy hour with co-workers to a birthday bash in someone's Brooklyn courtyard. Luckily, I just found the perfume equivalent of a wing woman, and it’s accompanying me everywhere I go: Catherine Malandrino’s brand new fragrance. Launching exclusively through Birchbox, the celebrity designer’s debut scent is made for summer. Fruity notes of citrus and Nashi pear are juxtaposed with florals that range from the classic (gardenia and violet) to exotic (orange blossom and sweet jasmine). With its sultry base notes of Indonesian patchouli and amber, the perfume feels made for working a room—or rooftop, depending on how my evening shakes out. Plus, it’s just fun to get to wear something from a major designer without having to, you know, drop $500 on a T-shirt.

The next time someone asks me, “What are you wearing tonight?” I’ll know my answer: “Catherine Malandrino, of course.”

Photo: HBO

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