October Box Preview (Spoiler Alert)

What a month it has been. Birchbox had its second birthday, right before going international.

Speaking of big news, October men's boxes are shipping right now. This month's assortment is designed to help you mix things up—on the job, in your closet, and behind the bar. This month, we say sip your whiskey a different way. Wear a wool tie with a leather jacket. Whatever you do, just keep 'em guessing.

Here's what you can expect this month, without giving too much away: we're sampling some essential barware, including Whisky Stones® from Teroforma. Other boxes feature a 100 percent wool square bottom knit tie from The Knottery and a classic pre-shave oil from New York's esteemed Art of Shaving.

As always, boxes ship by the 25th of the month. Here's how to stay busy in the meantime:

What's the latest on the logistics end, Matt?

"Well, another month of logistics fun under the belt, with some major operational news to pass along. We are excited to be moving to a new facility with our existing fulfillment partner, and to commence our operations there with the Birchbox Man assembly. Leave it to us men to break things in a little. Just a few miles down the interstate from our old facility, this new one will be the birthplace of many Birchbox Man boxes to come. It's a finer building with more equipment to handle our growing needs, and my growing database of Twitter followers (now up to 252 strong)."

October Box Preview

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