Old-Fashioned Punch: A Party-Sized Take on a Classic Cocktail

When hosting a party, tending bar often comes with the territory. That said, you’re only human, and sophisticated drink orders can quickly pile up. To ease your bartending burden without compromising on quality, try this big-batch version of the timeless Old Fashioned cocktail. We’ve chosen rye in place of bourbon for its subtle, spicy kick, and retained the fruit (often shunned by cocktail purists) for a dash of color.

Birchbox Man’s Old Fashioned Punch


3 cups rye whiskey, or one 750ml bottle (Old Overholt and George Dickel are two fine options)
5 teaspoons Angostura or orange bitters
1/4 cup sugar, or 3 ounces simple syrup
1/4 cup club soda (or water for the traditionalist)
12-15 Maraschino cherries
1 large orange (quartered and slice)
Ice cubes


1. Combine the cherries and sugar in a small bowl, and mash the ingredients with a muddler. For a little extra sweetness, add a dash of cherry syrup.

2. Fill a pitcher or small punch bowl with a generous quantity of ice, then add the muddled mixture. Follow with whiskey, water, bitters, and orange slices.

3. Stir heartily and serve. Remember, this is a Draper-strength punch, so pour with caution. (Serves: 12)

If whiskey isn’t your style, upgrade your drink menu with one of these top-notch punches: Philadelphia Fish House Punch, Rosemary Aperol Punch.

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