Oscars 2014: Blue is the New Black

For most, the words "colored tuxedo" bring to mind the powder blue and orange top hats of Dumb and Dumber's style heroes. Well, some of Hollywood's most dashing fellows are working hard to change that.

If last year's Academy Awards ceremony was the midnight blue tuxedo's coming out party, this was the year it ascended to the new normal. We spent much of last night squinting at the screen and wondering aloud, "is that tux blue, or is it black?" And of course, that's the whole point: Midnight blue reacts to light in subtle and striking ways. It's designed to induce a double-take.

Just a few of the midnight blue crew from last night: Kevin Spacey, Jason Sudeikis, and the legendary Sidney Poitier. Of course, last year was also big for blue, with Daniel Day-Lewis and Christoph Waltz rocking it for the awards. To quote Glenn O'Brien, "Midnight blue is always acceptable for black tie. It was actually adopted because, in artificial light, this very dark blue looks blacker than black."

We love the look ourselves, but worry just a little about the slow, inexorable disintegration of "black tie" as a category (shout out to Esquire's "Bowtie Cowards" series). Of course, change is the only constant. As long as it doesn't come with top hats and canes, we say more power to midnight blue.

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Photo: Getty Images

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