How To: Pack a Pill Bottle Survival Kit

We love a good hatchet as much as the next guy, but not every camping essential is hefty. In fact, you can craft a survival kit that fits in your jacket pocket. If you've got an old pill bottle lying around, here's what you'll need to transform it into wilderness salvation.

The Components:

1. Two mini straw fire starters: You can DIY these little guys to help you start the strongest of flames.
2. Match striker strip: Removing the strip from the box cuts down on wasted space.
3. Matches: Start a fire for warmth, to melt ice, or to send a signal.
4. Tinfoil: Use as a mirror to send a signal, as a heat-reflective lining for clothes, or as a makeshift bowl.
5. Duct tape: There is virtually nothing a little duct tape can't fix.
6. Whistle: Alert passersby if you're in danger.
7. Neosporin in a straw: Fight infection from scrapes and cuts, or use a dab to start a fire. (See #1 above)
8. Fishing line: Fish for sustenance, or use it as a heavy-duty string.
9. Razor blade: Use to slice food, open up a splinter, or cut nearly anything. Just beware of rust.
10. Fishing hook: You don't need to catch the fish with your hands (though we encourage you to try).
11. Band-Aids: Keep small injuries covered to ward off potential infection.
12. Safety pins: Fix clothing, attach two items together, or use one as a makeshift fishing hook.
13. Alcohol swabs: Clean yourself up, or reignite a dwindling flame.
14. Birthday candle: Use for light after dark, or melt the wax over a flame to increase its size and strength.
15. Two aspirin tablets: Take the bite out of headaches and/or body pain.
16. Half a stick of gum: Create an air-tight seal around virtually anything, or use it as fishing bait.
17. Paper + pencil: Record important data, make a map, or use the paper to start a fire.
18. Cotton balls: Soak up any bodily fluids, or douse one in Neosporin and use it as a fire starter.
19. Gauze pads: Patch up any wounds or—you guessed it—burn the fire bright.
20. Wire twist tie: Fasten, hang, or reinforce small objects.

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