Empty Your Pockets: Summer in the City

With summer in full swing, New Yorkers can plan on a few seasonal constants, chief among them: the humid heat. We asked Birchbox Man Editor Nate to unpack his pockets to showcase the arsenal of seasonal essentials he keeps on his person during the warmer months. Take note—this fellow knows how to stay cool.

Bandana: “With the summer heat comes sweltering commutes. Our MTA stations aren’t ventilated, so this is perhaps the biggest necessity for the next few months.”

Ursa Major Essential Face Wipes: “Because we’re all sweating our way through the summer, I think it’s smart to have a pocket-sized solution to the grime. This is the easiest way to cleanse on the go, and to survive those dreaded minutes underground on the subway.”

iPhone and earbuds: “I love listening to the city as I walk—especially in summer—but I always listen to music on my commute.”

Lip Balm: “I carry lip balm year-round. Despite all the moisture in the air, skin can still get dried out.”

Citi Bike Pass: “The Citi Bike program is a year old now, and it’s one of the best things about being a New Yorker. I love hopping on a bike in one place, and dropping it off at my destination, hassle-free. It’s so relaxing to see the city by bicycle.”

J. Fold Card Carrier: “This slips right into my front pocket, and I only take the few things I need each day: MetroCard, ID, credit card, plus some cash. Oh, and a sandwich card. This keeps my pockets light.”

Alfred Lane Solid Cologne: “NYC smells funky, and I refuse to do the same. I love that this slides right into my pocket.”

Gum: “Same goes for my breath. I’m a gum addict—maybe because I’m a caffeine addict and always need to freshen my coffee breath.” 

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