Meet the Fragrance That Captures the True Charm of Los Angeles

Think you know the smell of this West-Coast metropolis? Think again, tiger. A new boutique brand is doing its best to capture the city through scent.

Depending on whom you talk to, there are countless scents and smells that recall the City of Angels. Looming smog. Crispy fish tacos. Hot summer asphalt. Even bacon-wrapped hot dogs. However, no one scent could evoke all the cultures and characters that encompass life in LA. That is, until Capsule came along.

Caspule Parfums is a bona fide child of Los Angeles—and we don’t say that lightly. As a small-batch fragrance house based in Santa Monica, they rely on a blend of creative energy and exceptional street smarts to stand out from other colognes. That sensibility shows in their first line of fragrances, which draws inspiration from fashion, music, street culture, and beautiful things from across the city.

We began by sampling Polis, a fitting place to start, as its aroma pays homage to the bustle of city living. However, while we expected a stark and sophisticated scent, what we got was something decidedly different.

At face value, the aroma itself is a chorus of contradictions: Fresh lily mingles with spicy musk, and brilliant citrus top notes evolve into earthy vetiver. The result is a scent that’s crisp, but not simple; refreshing, yet serene. It would fit right in at a backyard barbecue, or a black-tie movie premiere—which gets at the first half of this fragrance’s LA identity. The second half, surprisingly, is an all-around feeling of fun: You can’t help but smile when you’re wearing this scent. From the beaches of Malibu to the alleys of Koreatown, it doesn’t get much more LA than that.

Enter to win your own bottle of Capsule Eau de Parfum Polis: In the comments below, tell us where you're from, and describe the smell of your hometown in one word. Woodsy? Salty? Smoggy? Get creative!

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