How to Rescue Damaged Hair: Naturally Curly

The ladies at know more than a thing or two about how to handle spirals of all shapes and sizes. Here, they relay their smart advice for rehabbing dried out ringlets.

Tumbleweeds. You know those balls of collected bush and debris in the middle of some desert in nowhere-land? That was my hair after this winter’s monstrous Polar Vortex. It felt like straw, and my curls were limp and uncooperative. I couldn’t blame it all on the harsh conditions, however. I had fallen into a new “it’s too cold outside to care” phase and stopped deep conditioning all together. Unfortunately for me this was precisely the time to care for my hair. When the conditions outside are as bad as they were in the Northeast this winter, natural hair begs to be cared for. Here are the steps I followed to bring my brittle hair back to life.

Consider Your Scalp

In order to remove any build-up on my scalp, I used a sulfate-free clarifying shampoo. Apply the shampoo directly to a dry scalp to give the it a fighting chance. (Rinsing your hair first will make it less effective.)

Boost Your Shampoo

Afterwards I applied the Purification Masque from Shea Moisture (one of my favorites) to my scalp and roots to get rid of any remaining build-up. Then I applied the Anti-Breakage Masque from Shea Moisture to the rest of my hair as a deep conditioning treatment. There are lots of great masques and deep conditioning treatments for naturally dry hair. Pro tip: I wrap my hair in a plastic bag for my deep conditioning sessions. The heat from your head creates a little steam cloud under there and works wonders.

Stick to a Routine

Key to bouncy, curly success: be consistent with what works for you, focus on moisture retention, and be patient. Also, never underestimate the value of a good trim. Yes my fellow curlies, trimming our hair is so important. Your cut schedule may be different from mine, but pay attention to your ends. If you’re seeing lots of breakage or tangles—not shedding, that’s different— take note and schedule time to get those ends trimmed.

What are some of the ways you’ve been caring for your hair after this past harsh winter? Will your regimen change so that conditions are better?

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