Seasoned Traveler: William Hereford

William Hereford takes gorgeous of photos of nearly everything, from his beloved scooter (his preferred mode of transportation) to fashion models. We’re most impressed by his travel shots of far-flung destinations from rural Kentucky to Venice, Italy (which he says is the most beautiful place he’s ever been). We quizzed the globetrotting photographer about his travel rituals, including his favorite camera app, on-the-go grooming product, and in-flight theme song.

Zen and the art of photography. I think you should take as many pictures as you want, of whatever you want. I have photos of the Eiffel tower and will most likely take many more. Photography is equal parts art and documentary. It's wonderful to take beautiful pictures of beautiful things but it's also important to document your life and to show that you were “here" and "this" happened.

Camera of choice. I carry my iPhone around during the day and a point and shoot (with a flash!) at night.

Favorite camera app. I edit my photos in an app called Afterlight. It allows you to adjust contrast and brightness incrementally instead of the overly simplified contrast button, which can leave your images looking overly processed.

On Instagram. I use Instagram, but if we have dinner and you spend the entire time Instagramming, I might judge you.

Carry-on essential. I wear the same cashmere sweater on every flight. Originally I did it because it was comfortable, but now I flip out if I can't find it before a flight. I'm neurotic and assume the flight will crash if I don't have it close by.

Go-to grooming product. (MALIN + GOETZ) Peppermint Shampoo because minty things leave you feeling cleaner than you are.

Hats off. I collect hats. There always seems to be a hat for sale that’s perfectly representative of the place I'm visiting—whether it’s a mesh back trucker hat in Kentucky or a hunting cap in Florida.

Travel hero. I worked for a fashion photographer named Chris Craymer before I broke out on my own. Chris has mastered the art of finding moments to relax amidst the chaos of time zones, early boarding times, and delayed flights.

Travel theme song. Green Onions by Booker T. & The MG's. This song is about getting sh*t done and I always find it inspiring to listen to en route to a new destination.

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