Shaving Saviors: The Perfect Shower Shave

Regardless of your political allegiances or taste in art, you’ve got to hand it to George W. Bush—for his grooming IQ. The former commander-in-chief’s shower self-portrait recently revealed that he has one of those sweet showerhead-attachable mirrors you don’t need to de-fog with the back of your fist when things get steamy. When you’re in a profession that requires a flag pin on your lapel, odds are you’ve got to shave a lot. And when you have to shave a lot, shaving in the shower just makes sense. The steam from a warm shower helps clear out pores and soften hair like a hot towel at a barbershop. And since you’re getting clean and smooth in one go, you save time. Bush’s mirror inspired us to put together our own list of shower shave essentials. Here’s everything you need.

The Fog-Free Mirror

Zadro makes a slick, dual-sided, pore-magnifying version that lets you shave with precision and, like W, stare wistfully into the depths of your own clean-shaven soul.

The Get-Handsome Station

Sturdier than a shower caddy, a wall-mounted shelf like this one from Blomus allows for easy access to your shaving essentials. Your partner’s dominion over shower storage space ends today.

An Exfoliator with some Grit

Body wash or soap works fine for your limbs, but your face needs a scrub to bulldoze dead skin and lift ingrown hairs. The grit in Billy Jealousy’s LiquidSand helps whiskers stand straight up by removing dead skin at the base of stubble, but it’s still gentle enough for everyday use.

A Smooth (but Sturdy) Operator

Formulated with silicon lubricants, GO247’s cream prepares and protects skin for an extra-close shave. The light cream also washes off your blade without fire hose water pressure.

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