Should A Man Ever Wear Flip-Flops?

It isn't a new debate, but it's heating up just as quickly as a sunny spring day: Is it acceptable for a man to wear flip-flops in a non-beach setting? Here are two opposing perspectives.

Nate says: You're Better Than That

To be fair, I'm not opposed to flip-flops on principle. They're comfortable, cheap, and as easy to wear as they are to remove. But that's just it. When a product requires no effort on the part of the user, it says little or nothing about him—his style, his character, his anything. Flip-flops, quite simply, are the sweatpants of footwear.

Ergo, if you're not heading to the beach or the corner store, I believe that there's always a better option: espadrilles, Keds, even a beat up pair of brogues. Just nothing that got its name via onomatopoeia.

Thomas says: Go For It

The idea that a man shouldn't wear flip-flops, based some abstract scale of effort or self-respect is as common as it is unfair. Flip-flops may not be ergonomically appropriate in all settings, but they by no means merit scorched-earth prohibition. They have earned an undeniable place in the men's summer style lexicon.

That said, they really don't belong in an office—even a casual one. (Women get a pass on this, especially when they dress them up with a summer skirt or some sleek office-friendly pants.) But on the weekends, whether at the beach, running errands, strolling through the park or grabbing lunch at a casual restaurant, I say have at it. They can be a stylish compliment to a warm-weather look (in place of sneakers or boat shoes), and they also have an intangible but significant effect on the attitude. There's something about wearing flip-flops that convinces your soul it really is Saturday, even if you're occasionally checking your work email.

What do you think, readers? Is it unfair to shame male flip-flop fans, or are these shoes just too casual to excuse?

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