Slip Cup Beer Pong

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Presented Without Comment: Slip Cup, The Future of Beer Pong?

Did an enterprising team of bros just change beer pong forever? We'll let you decide for yourself this time.

Gentlemen, meet Slip Cup. In a sentence, it's a product that seeks—perhaps for the first time ever—to improve the game of beer pong. It consists of specialized cups that nest inside standard Solo cups, catching ping-pong balls before they fall into your beer (and necessitate the use of a disgusting "dunk" cup). Beyond that, the team has promised the following features:

Slip Cup Beer Pong

• Valve-like flaps to prevent balls from bouncing out

• A narrower rim for fewer missed shots

• Numbered cups to be used with original drinking games

• A nesting functionality that lets you stack cups without getting the bottoms wet

So, with all the details laid out before you, what do you think? Long-overdue improvement, or despoilment of a sacred sport? Let us know in the comments below.

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