Spinning with Birchbox for a Good Cause

A favored workout for fitness fanatics and reluctant resolutioners alike, the popularity of riding the stationary bike in a room of strangers with ear-shatteringly loud music has exploded in recent years. But seriously—it’s a blast. And the odds of celebrity sightings in spin classes is nuts. A quick survey of the office revealed that Birchbox employees have ridden in the same room with the likes of Jake Gyllenhall, Sofia Vegara, Emmy Rossum, Jimmy Fallon, Katie Holmes, Chelsea Clinton, Alec Baldwin, and Vanessa Hudgens, just to name a few. As if the grueling workout in a windowless room weren’t enough to make you sweat, now you’re worried about whether or not Hollywood’s starlets think your performance wear is up to par. Here’s our quick guide to keeping sweat and odor under control on and off the saddle.


Prepare yourself for the bike and the accompanying river of perspiration with a smooth talc powder like Bálla Powder before the session begins. It’ll keep you dry and clean where you need it most—down there.


When it comes to the ride itself, you’ll want to have a towel handy for frequent brow patting. As for apparel, know that cotton and poly-blends will transform into sweat swamps fast. Not good—especially if Kate Bosworth is stationed directly behind you. A sweat-wicking compression short sleeve shirt is a good way to go.


At this point, chances are you’re pretty sore, but the good news is you’ve earned yourself a nice, hot shower. Get your mitts on a Jock Soap Bloody Orange Body Bar; it’ll clean you off and lend a refreshing citrus scent to aching limbs. For muscle soreness relief, try a soothing rub, like Lucky Tiger’s. When you run into Baldwin in the lobby, you’ll be relaxed enough to not excitedly blurt out some recycled Jack Donaghy material.

Want to ride with Birchbox? This year, we’re partnering with Cycle for Survival to raise money for rare cancer research. If you want to ride, sign up here for NYC or here for LA (password for both is "Birchbox1"). If you’re not near those cities but still want to help, donate to our NYC team, where Birchbox staffers will be riding on March 2 and 3.

—Andrew Vazzano

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