Spring and the Art of Affordable Flair

Getting color-appropriate for warmer weather doesn’t mean draping yourself in pastels. It’s as simple and inexpensive as a bit of subtle—and strategic—accenting. Here’s a cheat sheet for adding some flair to the wardrobe you already own.

Make sure your socks speak loudly.

Forget every rule you ever heard about socks matching your shoes or your slacks. Your socks can match your tie, your pocket square, your hat, everything, or nothing. The only rule is good taste. We recommend bright, patterned styles from Richer Poorer, hook + ALBERT, and Pantherella.

Brighten (and throw) them bows.

We’ve always been down with elbow patches, but we didn’t know they came in neon until The New York Times introduced us to Jack Foxley Elbow Patches. Send Foxley your shirt or jacket and he’ll sew on your patches and mail your newly-brightened garment back to you. The awesomely bright, Crayola-worthy shades include “Hay Fox Campfire Orange,” “The Navarre Orange,” and “Travers City Hunting Orange.”

Swap in some colorful laces.

As Valet keenly points out, subbing in fresh laces can make the same tired kicks pop. J.Crew has some great selections for sneakers—we’re partial to Collegiate Green. For colorful laces for dress shoes, your best option is Benjo's.

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