R.I.P. Colbeard: We Hardly Knew Ye

It seems only yesterday that Stephen Colbert debuted a robust beard, just two months after his old show went off the air. Needless to say, we were shocked to learn that the soon-to-be Late Night host had already shorn those wondrous whiskers—but not before bidding a fitting internet farewell.

In advance of his September debut on the Late Show, Colbert took to Youtube to honor the Colbeard’s short but epic life. In the tribute, he notes majors milestones—like an appearance on the cover of Homeless Sea Captain Monthly—and explains that his future employers at CBS insisted on the shave due to Tom Selleck’s mustache’s non-compete clause. (Our fact-checkers are working on both.)

In his quest for a new look that's more accessible to millennial audiences, Colbert walks us through his shaving process, proposing a few styles along the way—including “The Amish” and “The Half-Wolverine.” Ultimately, though, he unveils the old barefaced Colbert we know and love—a face we can't wait to see back on our late-night lineup come fall.

View the full farewell, complete with a flashback montage, below.

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