SUITS in 60 Seconds: The Fastest Way to Get Caught up for the Season 3 Premiere

Looking to get up to speed before the season 3 premiere of SUITS on July 16? Or just a recap of the action so far? (We can’t all have Mike Ross’ photographic memory.) Here’s a blow-by-blow of what you need-to-know.

Season 1

Mike Ross is a genius-turned-college dropout who makes ends meet by taking the LSAT for other people. When Mike’s best childhood friend, Trevor (a pot dealer), asks him to deliver a case of weed for some extra cash, he agrees, but Mike quickly realizes that the delivery is an undercover sting operation. To elude the police, Mike darts into a hotel room that happens to be hosting interviews for one of New York City’s top law firms, Pearson Hardman. Leading these interviews is the charismatic Harvey Specter, a senior partner and the best closer in the city. Despite the fact that Mike is not a Harvard Law graduate—nor a graduate of anywhere, for the matter—Harvey is instantly impressed by his knowledge of the law and hires him on the spot (with the agreement that Mike’s lack of a degree remains a secret). Once at the firm, Mike’s credentials are called into question by junior partner Louis Litt (who continues busting his and Harvey’s balls regularly for two season), and a mutual attraction starts to develop between Mike and one of the firm’s paralegals, Rachel Zane. The problem is, Mike has recently begun dating Trevor’s ex-girlfriend Jenny. When he finds out about their relationship, Trevor reveals Mike’s secret to Jessica, the managing partner of his firm.

Season 2

The second season begins with the return of the firm’s co-founder, Daniel Hardman, who had taken a lengthy leave of absence following the death of his wife. Jenny confronts Mike about his feelings for Rachel, and promptly breaks up with him when he hesitates to respond. Hardman promotes Louis to the position of senior partner while staking his own claim as managing partner, however he is soon ousted from the firm after Harvey and Mike discover that the supposedly “changed man” was forging documents. Hardman returns to work for his old firm as a contract lawyer for none other than Rachel’s father, the notable trial attorney, while Jessica takes the reins following Hardman’s departure. In the final episode of the season, Mike finally tells Rachel his secret about never having gone to Harvard Law. She gives him a good couple of slaps, but they end up getting cozy together in the filing room. So we’ll see how things will shake out with their relationship. Meanwhile, a British firm makes an offer for Pearson Hardman, which throws both Harvey’s and Jessica’s plans for the future into flux. The merge eventually goes through, leaving Harvey none too pleased.

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