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If we could extend one fleeting moment, it would be the euphoria that sets in on the Friday afternoon elevator ride down to the lobby and peaks as we push our way through the revolving doors and into the balmy summer air. It’s a moment of great promise, with an afternoon of possibility—and the whole weekend sprawling before us. To cap off a month dedicated to all things “off duty,” we tapped a few of our favorite menswear bloggers for their ideal summer Friday, from the shoes to the cocktails. Here, our favorite authority on all things prep, Ivy Style founder Christian Chensvold, kicks us off with a double-header of tennis and golf.

Name: Christian Chensvold

Website: Ivy-Style

My Perfect Summer Friday:

In New York, you have to to seize good summer days when you can and spend them outdoors, because there'll be plenty of sweltering ones to come when outside is the last place you'll want to be. After banging out a post for Ivy Style, I'd slather on some Kiehl's Facial Fuel SPF 15 and head off to my local tennis courts. I use the Slazenger Wimbledon balls because, well, they come in the prettiest can. They bounce good, too. I'm currently shopping for a new racket, and has a great demo program where they send you four rackets with return postage for a modest fee.

I'm a fairly subdued dresser when it comes to jacket and tie occasions, so on the court I like to bust out all the crazy prep stuff. I'll wear madras shorts from J. Press and a polo from St. Johns Bay, which I like because they're super-cheap, logo-free, and come in tons of colors. For shoes, I wear the Repel model from Lacoste.

After morning tennis I’d head into the city for a noontime meeting. That usually means a seersucker jacket from Haspel and, for the subway ride, an iPod full of '50s West Coast Jazz (Gerry Mulligan makes for especially great summer music). Perhaps I'll meet a colleague at the Oyster Bar & Restaurant in Grand Central Terminal, then hit my usual nearby haunts like Brooks Brothers, the Kinokuniya bookstore, and the Park Avenue Liquor Shop. There, I’ll grab a bottle of wine from Sonoma County, where I grew up.

My girlfriend works on Fifth Avenue, and after picking her up we'd head home and throw our clubs in a Zipcar. I'm one of those lucky guys whose lady friend joins him for golf rather than giving him grief whenever he disappears for six hours. I play with Callaway irons and Rocketballz woods from Taylormade. My favorite accessible course is Split Rock in Pelham Bay Park. It’s the most challenging of all the NYC-area municipal courses and it also has the greatest variety of wildlife. It's kind of like golfing while visiting the zoo. You'll be teeing off and a turkey, rabbit, or fox will scamper by. Or you’ll be hovering over a putt and a deer will dart across the green.

We’d play until twilight—we’re usually the last ones to leave the course. The only thing better than the perfect summer day is a perfect summer night.

Christian Chensvold

Follow Chensvold on Twitter here and read his work at Ivy Style.

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