The Best Bracket Advice from Birchbox Man Subscribers

In our last Sneak Peek, we asked you how you planned to #gothedistance in your brackets this tournament season. We got a great response, so we wanted to share some of our favorites.

Jason Smith provided this genius idea: “It seems like I never can win with my picks, so I let my wife make all my picks. I'm pretty sure she picks by cutest mascot which sucks this year since some of the top teams are Hoosiers, hurricanes, blue devils, Spartans, Orangemen, etc. BUT it keeps her interested and site actually wants to watch the games to see how many she gets right!”

Rich Gonzalez provided this unorthodox but highly entertaining strategy: “I personally find the easiest way to pick my brackets is to replace each team with their mascot then deciding which teams mascot would win in a fight, this proves to be the easiest and of course the most logical way to do this.”

Jacob Leistra got scientific on us: “My March Madness strategy is to remember Newton's 3rd Law of UCLA basketball: for every awesome, impressive game, there is an equal and opposite disappointing game.”

Colin Haas says, “I get my 1st seeded teams down to the sweet 16 and then start picking based off historical information of teams, since I don't follow basketball as religiously as some. It actually takes me fairly far and gets good results!”

justawatcher wins for best uncle: “In terms of March Madness, I'm letting my 10 year old nephew handle the picks. Little man is a genius.”

DigitalCable seems like the kind of guy we want to grab a beer with: “When I'm making my pick it's easy, peazy lemony squeezy, ya feel me? You gotta look in to your heart son, and look in the eyes of the coaches, you dig? Then I call my dude at the illuminati hot line and get the hook up. Triangle time dude, that's how you pick your winner for March Madness.”

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