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The Best Places on Earth for Your Skin

Your skin’s health is a function of genetics, diet, sun exposure, and your daily care regimen. But there’s another often overlooked factor: location, location, location. Some places are just great for your skin. Whether it’s Austria, with its curative baths, or a remote village in Japan, the place you call home—and its climate, culture, and natural resources—matter as much as that pricey cream. Here, we present the top international destinations for an improved complexion.

Yuzuri Hara, Japan

Also known as the “village of long life,” this rural hamlet has long been the home of a mysterious breed: super-agers. Their skin is supple and virtually free of wrinkles. Their joints are pliant and springy well into old age. Cases of arthritis and skin cancer scarcely exist. Octogenarians abound. This town’s secret to healthy, youthful skin is a diet rich in hyalauronic acid, derived mostly from starchy vegetables like taro and corn. And of course an active lifestyle helps as citizens stay spry well past the retirement threshold.
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Oslo, Norway

The air in Oslo—known to many as the greenest city in the world—is extremely pure. And the benefits of fresh and clean air are innumerable when it comes to skin. From staving off premature signs of aging to reducing irritation and acne, it’s nothing short of a miracle drug.
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Marienbad, Austria

Since this mountain town was discovered in 1341 by a wandering traveler, the curative carbon dioxide waters of its springs have made it a Mecca for tourists. There are eight different pools, each with unique mineral compositions: some are saline-alkaline, while others are rich in iron. Bathing in them and drinking from them is reportedly beneficial in battling numerous ailments including gout, diabetes, heart disease, and rheumatism.
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Portland, USA

It’s no surprise that America’s eco-friendly capital is also the stateside hometown of superior skin. With low pollution and a long rainy season that prevents inhabitants from excessive sun-bathing, this Pacific Northwest city is something of a paradise for one’s pores. The local predilection for a healthy lifestyle doesn’t hurt: exercise is great for sweating out toxins and boosting oxygen delivery and blood flow to skin’s surface, not to mention reducing stress.
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