The Birchbox Man Playlist: Survival Edition

Whether you’re stranded on a deserted island or just counting down the days until spring, these tunes should help you persevere. Listen to all of these songs on our very own Spotify playlist. Check it out here.

Bill Conti, “Gonna Fly Now”

The now-epic theme from “Rocky” has been inspiring guys for over three decades.

Survivor, “Eye of the Tiger”

Another gem from the “Rocky” soundtrack series. Equally effective at taking on Drago or Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Cake, “The Distance”

A perennial favorite from the quirky California rockers.

Journey, “Don’t Stop Believin’”

A “last call” anthem that everybody can agree on. Except maybe Tony Soprano.

U2, “Where the Streets Have No Name”

Before Bono was wearing tinted sunglasses to the White House, he was making gorgeous music like this opener to The Joshua Tree.

Joe Esposito, “You’re the Best”

Rounding out our roster of ‘80s movie hits is this one from “The Karate Kid.”

Mobb Deep, “Survival of the Fittest”

Gritty track from one of hip-hop’s most highly regarded duos.

Foo Fighters, “Learn to Fly”

Power chord-laden classic. Perfect for days when you’re “looking for a sign of life.”

The Beatles, “Here Comes the Sun”

A hopeful ballad if there ever was one, courtesy of George Harrison.

Gloria Gaynor, “I Will Survive”


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