Will This Cooler Revolutionize the Way You Party Outdoors?

It's too early to tell. But the "Coolest" seems to offer everything, and we couldn't be more in love with it.

For anyone who ever thought the car that Homer Simpson designed—which featured bubble domes, shag carpeting, and tail fins—was a great idea, say hello to a cooler that will change your life. Originally pegged to a $50k goal, the "Coolest" has already raised millions on Kickstarter. Given the slew of next-level features (and, y'know, how friggin' excited people get about something as mundane as potato salad) on Kickstarter, we can't say we're surprised. You'll need a fork lift to get it into your trunk, but once it's in there and fully loaded, look out stadium parking lot: There's a new sheriff in town.

Here's what we're workin' with feature-wise: coolest
• 18v battery powered rechargeable blender
• Removable waterproof bluetooth speaker
• USB charger
• LED lid light
• Gear Tie-Down
• Cooler divider/Cutting board
• Integrated storage for plates and knives
• Bottle opener

We know what you're thinking: "No built-in flatscreen?!" Hopefully in the next generation of Coolests.

Photos: The Coolest

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