The Easiest Way to Mask the Musk of an 18-hour Day

When the waking day lasts 18 hours, a morning shower and underarm deodorant roll can only go so far to combat the noontime onset of funk. In the never-ending quest for body odor neutralizers, our editor test drives a novel solution.

If I exercise in the morning, my heart rate is typically elevated for another hour or two. So even when I shower following a jog, I inevitably sweat on the poorly circulated subway. I’m the guy wiping his brow at each stop, looking suspect and searching for the nearest vent so I can bask in its breeze. This is an average morning; I’m embarrassed to tell you what it’s like in summer when the subway stations are essentially ovens.

So this begs the question: Once I can no longer prevent the problem, how do I fix it (without toting multiple changes of clothing to work every day)? This month’s assortment comes with a novel solution: Reviver’s Dry Deodorant Wipes. They're dry, multiple-use deodorant swipes for your clothes (and your hair, too), providing the perfect temporary fix to get you from a.m. to p.m. in one outfit. It’s kind of like grabbing a piece of gum when you don’t have a toothbrush. Totally unexpected bonus: The two-finger ‘swipe’ action comes with just a hint of that Jay Z “Dirt off your Shoulder” swagger.

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