The Fairer Recs: Toner

We're lucky enough to be surrounded every day by the women of Birchbox. Beyond their keen eye for detail and great taste, they're also science nerds who can teach us a whole lot about products we never knew we couldn't live without. First up: Toner.

You've never heard of: Toner

Why it will change your life: We're all about simplifying your skincare routine, but if you struggle with breakouts, dryness, or redness, it might be time to invest in a toner. The catch is that it's an extra step (you apply it after you wash your face and before you apply moisturizer), but it helps to balance out the pH levels of your skin. We know that sounds sort of science-y and scary, but here's the simple breakdown: your skin's outermost layer is naturally acidic, and this acidity helps your complexion retain moisture and keep germs out. Certain cleansers, activities, and even your diet can throw your natural levels out of whack, and toners help to restore that precious balance.

One to keep in your medicine cabinet: DDF® Aloe Toning Complex. A great option for all skin types, we especially love the spray dispenser. It doesn't get much easier than spritzing your way to better skin.

One to keep out in the open: Ursa Major Toner. The one major plus to this formula: it helps to keep ingrown hairs from forming.

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