The First Step in Fighting Hair Loss: Finding the Right Shampoo

The most important step you can take towards maintaining your mane? Accepting the fact that you may be losing your hair. As our editor gears up for the fight against a receding hairline, he reaches for some fresh suds.

I used to have a white lock of hair at the start of my hairline. When grown out, it extended back in a very distinguished manner—think Rogue from X-Men. Then gradually, it vanished. The color of my white streak hadn’t changed, but my hairline had begun to recede, leaving me wondering if I was on my way to being more like Professor X than Rogue.

For the first time I was faced with the reality that my locks might not be around forever. My dad’s head is as bald as a golf ball, as was his dad’s. My maternal grandfather lived his whole life with a full head of hair—which is great since they say it’s the genes on your mother’s side that count when it comes to hair loss—yet my younger brother is already entirely bald.

While I’ve still got most of my hair, I can tell that its density is diminishing just a bit with each passing year. If and when the hair goes, I promise to handle baldness with the poise of Patrick Stewart, but I would still prefer to fend it off as long as possible.

Besides a healthy diet and exercise, one proactive way to fight hair loss is with the proper shampoo. Good thing we’re sampling MiN New York’s Wash Active Hair Care Shampoo this month, which targets dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a hormone produced naturally by both men and women that gathers near hair follicles. DHT thins and asphyxiates follicles, which then leads to hair loss. MiN’s shampoo fights the hormone—let’s pretend it’s the X-Men fighting bad mutants for a full-circle effect—and, like any good story, it ends happily: fewer precious hairs going rogue.

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