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Get Caught Up On THE LEAGUE in 60 Seconds

THE LEAGUE follows a dysfunctional band of buddies as they navigate the high-stakes world of fantasy football. (Spoiler alert: Hilarity ensues.) Now entering its sixth season, the semi-scripted show is going long—uh, strong. Here’s what you need to know before Wednesday’s premiere.


Chicago, IL. Present day.

Meet the Members

Pete Eckhart (Mark Duplass): Three-time league champion, known for conning his competitors into bad trades. Pete is the creator and commissioner of The Sacko (see glossary), and earns the trophy in season five.

Kevin MacArthur (Steve Rannazzisi): Pete’s best friend and the league’s commissioner, despite his total dependence on the drafting and trading prowess of his wife, Jenny.

Jenny MacArthur (Katie Aselton): Kevin’s wife and fantasy football guru, posing a clear threat to his competitors. Jenny finagles her way into the in league in season two.

Taco MacArthur (Jon Lajoie): Kevin’s deadbeat, freeloading brother. Cares little for football (or anything else). Inexplicably a ladies’ man.

Dr. Andre Nowzick (Paul Scheer): Gawky and gap-toothed plastic surgeon, in constant pursuit of his friends’ approval. In reality, his luxe apartment, trendy getup, and attempts at street slang are just fodder for their harassment.

Rodney Ruxin (Nick Kroll): Aggressive attorney by day, ruthless competitor by night. Struggles to split his time between fantasy football and his highly demanding, stunning minx of a wife, Sophia.

Know the Lingo

Rankings Slave: A fantasy league member so lacking in knowledge and intuition, he must rely solely on rankings to determine his trades.

The Sacko: The trophy awarded to the worst team in the league. The loser of the Sacko Bowl wins The Sacko. (See also: Sacko Bowl)

Sacko Bowl: The end-of-season standoff between the league’s worst two teams.

The Shiva: The trophy awarded to the best team in the league. Named for Kevin’s once bookish high school flame, who reappears as a beautiful doctor in season two. (See also: Shiva Blast, Shiva Bowl)

Shiva Blast: A primal, full-throated scream of The Shiva’s namesake, Shivakamini Somakandarkram.

Shiva Bowl: The end-of-season standoff between the league’s top two teams.

Terrific Lady Day: An entire day devoted to celebrating one’s wife by catering to her every whim. Likely invented by Ruxin’s wife, Sophia.

United Nations of Friendship: The league’s social hierarchy, with such distinctions as “Security Council” for the closest friends and “Ghana” for the outcast.

The rest, we regret, is decidedly NSFW.

When last we met, Jenny had won the The Shiva, Kevin had won the The Sacko, and Andre had miraculously secured a wife. A new season is upon us, and it’s anybody’s game. Happy viewing, gentlemen.

Season six of THE LEAGUE premieres on FXX this Wednesday, September 3 at 10pm.

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