The New Rules of the Tie Bar

As Guide readers know, we’re pretty big fans of a well-executed tie bar. Therefore, we were pleased to find that after years of simple designs and silver facades, this classic accessory is finally getting an update. Here’s a quick overview of the new-school rules, plus a nod to those that remain unchanged.

The Rules That Have Changed:

1. They’re getting colorful, and we’re not just talking gold.

2. They don’t have to be metal. Acrylic, onyx, and even wood are all seeing an uptick.

3. They don’t have to be paired with a suit. An oxford shirt and a crisp pair of jeans are also a fitting base.

4. The tie pin has returned. While a pin and chain have long been shunned as relics of a bygone era, modern dandies like Sherlock’s Moriarty have brought them back with gusto.

The Rules That Remain the Same:

1. They should always be fastened between the third and fourth buttons of your dress shirt. Never higher, never lower.

2. They should rest perpendicular to your tie, or only slightly crooked. There are many ways to express sprezzatura, but don't crank your tie bar any further than it might naturally move.

3. They should attach your neckwear to the placket of your shirt. If you’ve only fastened the two halves of your tie, it’s time to re-clip.

4. They should never, ever be wider than your tie.

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