The Olympic Dopp Kit

Since the start of the modern Olympics, the science of sports, including the importance of self-maintenance, has steadily evolved. Want to be at the top of your game? You’ll have to conquer your pre- and post-game routines. Last week, we brought you Olympic gold medalist Garrett Weber-Gale’s pre-race shave ritual. Now, with less than a week left of Olympic competition, we're bringing you a roundup of products that will keep London's international competitors clean, comfortable, and punctual on the pitch.

Before the Match

1 All athletes are familiar with chafing, and London’s lingering layer of dampness guarantees discomfort and probably some odor. Bálla Powder is a multi-purpose agent designed to keep every corporeal hotspot dry and fresh. Simply pat down your groin, lower back, armpits, or feet with a handful of powder before a tough workout or race.

During the Race

2 Runners know all about watching the clock, so we wouldn’t be surprised if a few Olympians were already sporting rumbaTIME’s lightweight VanDam GO. A consummate multi-tasker, this sleek, digital timepiece stores identification and health information, plus a discrete mobile payment system. Load it up with cash and you can leave your wallet behind on your training runs.

In the Locker Room

3 A long day of competition leaves the body exhausted, dehydrated, and achy. Whether you’re Phelps, Armstrong, or Bolt, you’ll want to follow your shower with more hydration. Skin gets thirsty too, and Jock Soap’s Tall Drink Body Hydrator is the equivalent of an epidermal power smoothie. Just apply a generous amount to dry skin after toweling off. Finish with an even layer of J.R. Watkins’ Peppermint Foot Salve, which softens and protects feet—at least until the next workout.

Jeff Cripe

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