The Pro Athlete Watch That Everyone Needs

We haven’t been star athletes since our grade school kickball games, but that doesn’t mean we don’t take our workouts seriously. The first step in maximizing our exercise sessions is investing in the right gear.

Lately, we’ve been hooked on our rumbaTIME VanDam GO watch, a lightweight piece that has an embedded chip that you can load up with your ID, health info, and cash. It makes going out for a long run, bike ride, or day’s worth of errands that much simpler. rumbaTIME CEO Drew Deters says the idea came—as most good ideas do—from necessity:

“I used to be a professional cyclist and I still ride a fair amount and run a lot too. When I’m out on a ride or run I always seemed to forget cash. I also knew I should have been carrying ID but I usually didn't do that either (Sorry, mom). This is the perfect solution! I use mine all the time on long runs or rides when I need to stop and refuel. Just in case something happens, there's the ID part too. It's also pretty handy in cabs when I'm in a rush and can't be bothered to try and dig my wallet out of my bag—or those times when you forget your wallet!”

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