The Things He Carries: Yuvi Alpert

As an accomplished international traveler and the founder/designer behind the male accessory line Men in Cities, Yuvi Alpert knows how to balance on-the-road style with streamlined mobility. Before he took off for a weekend in Boston to attend his younger brother’s college graduation, we were lucky enough to get him to unpack his bag for us.

Name: Yuvi Alpert

Occupation: Founder of Men in Cities

What’s in my bag:

1. Mervyn’s Men's Jacket
“This is my grandfather’s suede and knit jacket from Mervyn’s. He bought it in the early 70's.”

2. James Perse White Tee
“I love the quality of this brand. This tee is versatile and an essential piece for any trip I take.”

3. Hand-Knit iPhone Case
This is from the YUVI collection. It keeps your phone nice and cool when not in use. We used 100% puma cotton for this hand knit iPhone Case.

4. Vintage Sunglasses
“These give any outfit a new fresh look.”

5. Vita Coco
“The electrolytes are necessary for a long day.”

6 & 7. Men in Cities Passport Case and Men in Cities Tie
“I brought two essential items for my brother for his life after graduation. First: a passport case. Hopefully it encourages him to travel before he settles in to a serious job. This may be the only chance he has to explore the world without any obligations. I spent close to 14 months after college backpacking and visited many beautiful parts of the world for under $30 per day. And the tie—for when he’s ready to get back to work.”

8. Acne Jeans
Acne makes my favorite Jeans. They wear in nicely and age really well.

9. Men In Cites Woven Belt
A grey belt is an ideal neutral accessory that can work with almost all outfits. This one is comfortable, durable, and always fits.

10. Men In Cities socks
These can be worn with a suit or with casual clothing but most importantly they can inspire you, because you're carrying an important date on your feet (they come printed with the dates of three legendary moments in the history of Rock & Roll).”

11. New Balance 420 Shoes
“Practical lightweight everyday shoes that look good are hard to come across. New Balance 420s always work for me. I have a few pairs in different color combos.”

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