The Urban Commuter’s Guide to Staying Fresh

Birchbox Man editor Thomas gives us the lowdown on staying fresh all day and night, even when home is a long subway ride away.

Living in Harlem has plenty of perks—cheaper rent, quirky restaurants, and local history being just a few—but being far away from the office presents some logistical challenges.

Namely: How to look fresh from early morning to late night when popping home for a shower and change isn't an option? This requires extra planning, especially on those days when you want to squeeze in a morning trip to the gym and post-work dinner and drinks. In addition to a change of clothes, you need products that approximate that straight-out-of-the-shower clean feeling—even when you’re miles away from home.

I recently discovered Niche for Men deodorizing wipes, which are a surprisingly powerful solution to this problem. These individually packaged wipes fit easily into any gym or day bag (or even your pocket), but unfold to roughly the size of a standard hand towel ('9 x '11), making them large enough to handle a whole day’s worth of oil sweat. Use them to refresh at the end of the day, starting from the head and neck and working your way down. Each wipe is infused with ginseng, aloe vera, and other revitalizing oils that cool you down and leave you feeling like you've just showered with a luxurious, sporty-smelling body wash.

Even if you’re lucky enough to have a brief commute, I’d wager you could still use a few of these wipes. Office air conditioner on the fritz? One of these babies will help you freshen up before the big meeting. Heading to happy hour after a stressful day? Put a Niche wipe to work before swapping shirts and you'll be on your way to a beer and a better mood in seconds. And depending on how much to perspire, a Niche wipe or two could even sub for a shower after a lunchtime gym session. Heading into New York City's swamp season, I know I’ll be keeping a few in my bag at all times in case I need a fast refresh.

Thomas Pardee

Photo: Penn State Special Collections Library/Flickr

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