The 7 Worst Beauty Clichés of All Time

Be honest—have you ever said the words “perfect pout” out loud? We’ll be the first to admit that there is a world of difference between the way we write about beauty and the way we talk about beauty in our everyday lives. The same goes for fashion, food, and any other cultural niche subject to its own clichés. In honor of this month’s call to “lighten up,” we’re compiling some of the most ridiculous and (guilty as charged!) oft-used beauty clichés.

The Cliché: Sun-kissed

Regrettably Used: To describe tan skin
Why It Should Be Banned: Let’s be real— the sun isn’t kissing anything. If anything, it’s burning (which is why we’re staunch supporters of SPF).

The Cliché: Luscious Locks

Regrettably Used: To connote long, voluminous hair, a la Blake Lively
Why It Should Be Banned: While we’re all jealous of Lively’s head of hair, when was the last time you said “luscious locks” out loud? Exactly.

The Cliché: Pucker

Regrettably Used: When describing a well-proportioned mouth
Why It Should Be Banned: Nothing wants to make us wear lipstick less than flashes of our Aunt Dot saying, “Pucker up!”

The Cliché: Flawless Complexion

Regrettably Used: To describe the pore-free skin you find in airbrushed magazine ads
Why It Should Be Banned: There’s only one woman who lays claim to the title “flawless,” and that woman is Beyonce.

The Cliché: "The LBD of ____"

Regrettably Used: To highlight a product’s basic ability to work for any occasion, just like a “little black dress.”
Why It Should Be Banned: Because, let's be honest, just like Sex and the City, the days of the “little black dress” are long gone.

The Cliché: Peepers

Regrettably Used: To describe your eyes
Why It Should Be Banned: Unless it’s made of marshmallow and covered in canary-colored sugar, we’d prefer not to associate the word “peep” with our face.

The Cliché: De-Fuzz

Regrettably Used: To describe the act of shaving
Why It Should Be Banned: Reminds us of peach fuzz, which reminds us of adolescent boys, which is something we don't need to be reminded of. Just say shaving.

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