This Chart Will Help You Pack the Perfect Amount of Underwear

Let's raise a toast to stats, charts, and some extra space in your suitcase.

Without fail, the worst part of packing is the underwear arithmetic: How much are you going to need, and how much are you willing to wash? To our everlasting joy, packing expert Reed Kennedy has teamed up with statistician Carrie Smith to demystifying the process, and through a handy chart no less.

The process is beautifully simple: Follow the top row from left to right to pick the number of days you'll be gone, then move down the column to pick the number of times you're willing to wash (gold numbers indicate maximum efficiency, i.e. no extra underwear). The number on the right-hand side will be the number pairs you'll need. For example, if you're planning a 12-day trip, and you're willing to wash twice, you can get away with packing 5 pairs of clean trunks. And just like that, our lives have been changed forever.

Now if there were only a way to incorporate inputs for outfit and activity pairings (y'know, sport trunks for days when you plan to exercise, boxers briefs when you're rocking slim-fit jeans, and boxers for those lazy days around the house). Suppose we'll have to save that for the next underwear chart.

For the full tutorial, and some more helpful charts, check out the full article on Medium.

Image Credit: Medium

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