This Collapsible Hot Tub Just Raised the Bar for Glampers Everywhere

These days, campers can find a collapsible version of just about anything, from chairs and grills to water jugs. However, this portable hot tub from The Original Nomad has certainly raised the bar—if not for convenience, then for pure bravado.

The science behind this phenomenon is surprisingly straightforward. The vinyl tub is built around a lightweight frame (2 feet high, and 5 feet in diameter) that can comfortably seat between 2-5 people, depending on your definition of comfort. The 225-gallon basin can be filled in less than 10 minutes with a Honda water pump (sold separately), which runs water through a heated steel coil to get it nice and balmy. That means you can set up this hot tub just about anywhere, so long as you have access to water.

Considering the link between hot water and good ideas, a secluded meditation tank in the woods behind your house might not be a bad idea.

Image Credit: The Original Nomad

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