This Couple Just Took Wedding Photography To A Whole New Level

Just in case you needed any more convincing that hiring a professional is the only way to go for the biggest day of your life...

Sorry to say, but your wedding photos just got a little more boring (by comparison), thanks to this recent jaw-dropping work by wedding photog Josh Newton at the nuptials of Michael Wolber and April Hartley of Bend, Oregon. What's with the epicly cinematic blaze behind them? Well, during the couple's recent ceremony, a wildfire flareup forced them to relocate to their reception venue—but not before Newton snapped a few dramatic shots.

For the record, we don't recommend doing anything other than turning tail and fleeing should a wildfire break out. That said, we're all about taking a risk for a great story (especially if it comes with a priceless photo).

Josh Newton

Check out all of Josh Newton's amazing work here. (You can also book him, and from the looks of things you'll get what you pay for.)

All Images via Josh Newton

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