“Tonight Show” Debut: Jimmy Fallon Raises the (Tie) Bar

Jimmy Fallon's "Tonight Show" debut was an instant classic flush with big victories. Here we pay tribute to perhaps the tiniest—but still crucial—detail he got right last night.

On the long list of things that Mr. Fallon nailed in his debutthe bit about people who bet him he'd never host and his emotional honesty about Johnny Carson chief among them—we'd like to add one more:

His tie bar. Short, but not too short (you never want one longer than the width of your tie). Fastened to the shirt placard (not just clipped on the tie!) between his third and fourth buttons. Classic silver.

Jimmy nails it. Just another reason to follow his lead on basically everything.

The closest tie bar we can find to Jimmy's is this 1-incher over at The Tie Bar. If you prefer something a little longer, this guy from würkin stiffs® comes in at 1.5".

Photo: NBC/Universal

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