Video: The 3 Tie Knots Every Guy Needs to Know

Whether it’s a dark and slim knit square bottom or a flashy and wide repp stripe, getting your tie game straight means executing the proper knot for your corresponding shirt collar. Perfect these three easy ones and you’ve got all your bases covered. The next step is collecting the only five ties you’ll ever need.

The Four-in-Hand

If you learn just one tie knot, make it the four-in-hand. This is your go-to—and probably the one your hands already have memorized.

The Half Windsor

This slightly larger triangular tie knot is perfect match for a spread collar.

The Pratt

This unconventional reverse-side-out knot is good for more than a party trick. It’s tight, symmetrical, and easy to pull off.

Check out the rest of the Birchbox Man video lineup over at our YouTube page.

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