Vince Vaughn’s Life Lessons from the Set of “The Delivery Man”

From his role as a lovable troublemaker in the paradigm-shifting Swingers to his dramatic turn in Into the Wild, Vince Vaughn has been consistently, well, money. His characters may not always exhibit an excess of moral fortitude (“earmuffs” in Old School, anyone?), but we were surprised to find that his latest role combines his signature pitch-perfect man-child act with some serious emotional growth and range. We were lucky enough to catch up with the legendary funny man in Los Angeles.

While watching him in The Delivery Man (in theatres November 22), we couldn’t help but think of our November theme, More Good: Vaughn plays David, a regular guy who discovers he’s the father of more than 500 kids, thanks to a sperm bank error. Most men would probably have a heart attack after hearing that kind of news, but David sees it as an opportunity to turn his bad habits around. He tracks down some of his kids—they aren’t children anymore, nor do they know that he’s their father—and works behind the scenes to make a positive impact on each of their lives. We had a chance to interview Vaughn earlier this month at a press conference in Los Angeles. He shared with us just a few of the big life lessons he took from this most recent character study.

Show Up For the People You Care About—Even When It’s Tough

“My character feels so overwhelmed with the amount of kids involved. But it speaks well of his nature that he has a drive to want to make them feel like someone is rooting for them and caring about them. In life it’s always nice to feel supported, and to feel that you have people there watching over you who can help give an extra push.”

Get Over Yourself and Just Be…Yourself

“A lot of the movie is about learning to accept who you are. [We all] have the pressure to be a bunch of different things, and we don’t all have all the skills. But learn to be okay with yourself, forgive yourself, you know, love yourself.”

Keep Moving Forward and Change Course As Needed

“As a young person, what’s in front of you everyday is…‘how do I change where I’m at [in order to achieve specific goals]?’ As you get older, hopefully you get better at going past the moments that aren’t your best, or getting out of situations that aren’t your favorite, and increasing the things that you are enjoying.”

Photo: Dreamworks Pictures

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