Watch: David Letterman Interviews His Late Night Successor, Stephen Colbert

Once David Letterman announced that he would end his run on The Late Show next year, rumors swirled that Stephen Colbert would be his replacement. Well, it's official: Comedy Central's late-night hero will indeed replace the CBS veteran.

We're excited about this for a few reasons—for one, a much broader audience will finally get to enjoy Colbert's sharp, animated brand of funny—but we think it's especially remarkable considering just how differently each man approaches the late night game. To illustrate, we pulled one of Colbert's recent appearances on Letterman's show, and though this one is particularly wacky (with Colbert affecting a Cockney lilt and sporting a ridiculous costume to match), it does show the great divide between the two comic styles pretty sharply.

Here's hoping we get lots of this absurdity on CBS starting next year.

Photo: CBS
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