Are We Wearing White After Labor Day? You Betcha.

It’s been called a Cardinal Sin of style, but we’re here to inform you that wearing white after Labor Day is completely okay—in fact, it’s essential to a rounded wardrobe. Read on to see why we’re saving our best getup from collecting dust for the next six months.

1. Technically, it’s still summer.
While we defend wearing white year-round, this is a key point in debunking the arbitrary rule. Summer ends on September 22—not Labor Day—so you’ve got three weeks to use this excuse before moving on to reasons 2-10.

2. White goes with everything.
Some days, you just want to get up and go without agonizing over color coordination. White is a key player in your neutral-hued rotation.

3. White is less work in the winter.
You already know how to prevent sweat stains. It’s even easier to keep whites white during the cooler months, provided you leave them at home on slushy days.

4. Wearing white can keep you in shape.
When the cold weather hits, we must all resist the will to hibernate in formless gray garments. The idea of donning a sharp pair of white pants should inspire you to eke out a few extra squats at the gym.

5. Etiquette evolves.
The origins of this Labor Day nonsense can be traced back to the summering habits of the wealthy elite. Perhaps we should get with the times and address more pressing style questions—like chest hair exposure.

6. White is ideal for layering.
Something has to tie together all that gingham and plaid you’ve got going on.

7. The t-shirt is timeless.
And you don’t have to be Brando to know that white is the way to go.

8. White is bleachable.
We’ve all had an unfortunate run-in with a mud puddle or generous pour of black coffee. White is the only color from which you can erase such a faux pas.

9. The white suit is having a moment.
Every man should get to feel like Humphrey Bogart for a day.

10. Rules were made to be broken.
Especially the ridiculous ones. Who’s with us?

Photo: Jive Music

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