What Birchbox Staffers Are Coveting For Mother’s Day

In honor of Mother’s Day, we polled Birchbox staffers about the beauty goods that top their wish lists. Husbands and significant others take note!

Kate Urquhart, Sr. Manager, Merchandising & Planning

Pictured at bottom left with her ridiculously adorable daughter Ellie, this merchandising guru is currently coveting W3LL PEOPLE Narcissist Stick Foundation. Kate says, “I love this product because it's super functional—you can use it as an undereye concealer, a neutral shadow base, and traditional foundation. As a mom, multitasking is the only way to get things done! Plus, it's made with natural ingredients.”

Katia Beauchamp, Co-Founder

This momma-to-be has had Kahina™’s Giving Beauty Travel Basics in her favorites list for months. She says, “I have been using Kahina for over a year. I love the quality of their products and how my skin feels after using them. On top of that, I think it’s amazing that the ingredients all come from a women's cooperative in Morocco. I am always traveling with my full-size version of the oil, and it would be so convenient to have this set—perfect for my hospital bag!”

Kelly Herman, Senior Manager, PR & Partnerships

When she’s not pulling off successful publicity campaigns, Kelly (pictured top, right) is busy plotting her next beauty purchase. Lately she’s been eyeing Baby Buggy’s too-cute Diaper Pouch. Kelly says, "I'm due with my little girl right before Mother's Day, and the top item on my wish list is the Baby Buggy Diaper Pouch. Not only does it support a good cause, but it is perfectly sized to hold diapers and wipes. I’ll be able to slip it into my favorite tote rather than carry around a bulky diaper bag!"

Alicia Panwala, Web Production Manager

On top of keeping Birchbox’s Editorial team (relatively) sane, Alicia is a hands-on mom to little Zav [seen here the top, left image]. This holiday, Alicia’s hoping to snag Caudalie’s Divine Oil. “Sometimes, all mommy wants is a nice relaxing bath topped off with a lush, skin-brightening body oil.”

Claire Paull, VP of PR & Partnerships

Our phenomenal PR & Partnerships wizard recently gave birth to her second daughter, Scarlett. For this Mother’s Day, she’s hoping for a little color. "Cynthia is a favorite designer of mine, so I was thrilled to see the Cynthia Rowley Beauty Spring Collection in the Birchbox Shop. The eyeshadow palette features confectionary-inspired shades that are perfect for spring.”

Searching for the ultimate Mother's Day gift? You’ve come to the right place. Birchbox gift subscriptions are the perfect present.

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