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The 5 Definitive Traits of a “Lumbersexual”

Whether you like it or not, there's a new label in town: the lumbersexual. And, while neologisms and portmanteaus make us groan, we can't deny when these things become things. As for the lumbersexual, think of him as the buttoned-down, bearded version of a metrosexual, or a grown-up version of a hipster. He's the kind of guy who enjoys craft beers and cortados, who cuffed his selvedge jeans until that went out of style, and who has his finger on the pulse of the latest technology, restaurants, or underground pop culture.

How do you know if you are a lumbersexual, or how do you recognize one in the wild? Follow these five guidelines.

1. The Scruff

The lumbersexual's facial hair is his pride and joy. If he's got stubble, it's a few days old at least. Likelier yet is a full beard or mustache. You will rarely find the lumbersexual clean shaven, as that would strip him of his casual, approachable aura.

2. The Wardrobe

The lumbersexual doesn't only wear flannel; his style is mostly notable in that it is neither stuffy nor polished. He orders from the L.L. Bean Signature catalog, and passes up the Nordstrom one. You might find him at high-end stores like APC, but only because he's looking for the best selvedge denim, leather gloves, or a wool winter jacket.

3. The Habitat

The lumbersexual is not confined to one place. In cities, he resides in whichever neighborhood is "up-and-coming," but he migrates when that neighborhood has sold out to chain stores and mass appeal. In their purest form, lumbersexuals also reside in more rural parts of the world. These are the ones who actually cut down trees or can fix a burst pipe and leaky faucet. While much of the movement is aspiration or imitation, some lumbersexuals are the real deal.

4. The Diet

The lumbersexual eats organic foods. He drinks craft beers and cocktails. You'll find him at locally owned coffee shops and farm-to-table establishments, eating well and savoring each hearty bite. In the countryside, he might be a subsistence farmer, picking eggs from his chicken coop, and living off the things he grows and cultivates.

5. The Lifestyle

The lumbersexual appreciates quality over quantity. He doesn't need "bigger and faster" unless it's the latest iPhone model. He wants to know that the things he owns are made to last. Where a metrosexual might value how something looks, a lumbersexual values how something feels—especially if it's soft-cotton flannel.

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