What to Tell Your Barber to Get Birchboxer Chris’ New Haircut

Who says the close-cropped cut is just for summer? Our office is abuzz over the wintertime high and tight. Want to get the look? Here's exactly what you should tell your barber.

We've waxed poetic about the awesomeness of the fabled "high and tight" before, but seeing Marketing Manager Chris' new cut this morning revived our enthusiasm for it. Of course, it's a bold look in the winter, but it's practical: While most guys are getting shaggy and overgrown around the ears, the fellow sporting the high and tight remains virtually immune to hat hair.

When asked for comment, the always-modest Chris explained: "I just told my barber I wanted something 'a little edgier.'"

He's a lucky man. Vague direction like that typically ends in disaster. Remember: The gentleman cutting your hair needs as much information as possible. And a photo never hurts as a point of reference. We asked one of our go-to barbers, Garrett Pike, for some advice on how to vocalize this cut. Here's the script:

"I would say, 'I want a fade starting with a one' (That's a number one clipper blade guard size). Tell your barber to keep a heavier weight line, and on the top just clean up the ends and break up the texture. Be sure to let him know the direction you want to style it: up, down, left, right, or all over."

Deliver instructions like that, and you can spend those 15-20 minutes actually enjoying the small talk. And the cocktail, if it's that kind of joint.

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