When Soap Can Cure a Man’s Wanderlust

Our editor finds a simple grooming solution to temporarily satisfy his longing to travel.

I can’t travel abroad as much as I’d like, so I have to get innovative about filling the void. Argentina, for example, sits atop my desired destinations list, but affordability and free time have yet to sync up and make the trip possible. When I learned we would be sampling AYRES bar soap (one of many products from AYRES that is inspired by Argentine traditions and terrains), I feared that the aromas alone would deepen my longings for the lakes and glaciers of Patagonia, the expansive estancias of the Pampas, and the romantic streets of Buenos Aires. After trying all three scents, I’m as eager as ever to visit Argentina, and my wanderlust has grown more complex and focused, yet temporarily satisfied. To wit:

Midnight Tango: With orange blossom and vanilla, I imagine this as something like a night out in Buenos Aires, dancing at a tango bar until sunrise with beautiful and mysterious Argentines. Thankfully I controlled myself from practicing my tango steps in the shower.

Pampas Sunrise: It’s got cedarwood with hints of citrus, patchouli, and spearmint, which feels like an early morning walk on a farm, absorbing the calm as the dew melts from the green leaves. As a native to the Great Plains, the evocation of sprawling farmland is a comfort.

Patagonia: Infusing jasmine, lavender, and fir, this soap sent me to the blue lakes and glaciers in Patagonia, as if I was on the edge of a pier with the snowcapped mountains reflecting on the deep blue water. Total serenity.

I recommend trying these for yourself, and maybe put on a little Gustavo Santaolalla music in the background for added effect. Test driving Argentinian soap surely can’t compare to an actual visit to this rich and colorful country, but I’ll tell you this: They inspired me to set up a price alert on Kayak for flights from JFK to Ezeiza. Soon enough, I’ll get an email in my inbox, and I’ll compare my shower notes to the real thing.

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