Why Face Oil is the Perfect Fix for Oily Skin

When you suffer from oily skin, your perspective on grooming shifts. Any preference you have for scents, ingredients, or brands takes a back seat to one simple question: Will this product help, or will it hinder? In his quest for a matte complexion, one BB Man editor discovers an odd, and somewhat counterintuitive, solution—fighting fire with fire. Or in this case, oil with oil.

Before we begin, let’s get one thing straight: Oil, in and of itself, is not bad for your skin. The kind your body produces is called sebum, and in the right quantities, it serves as both a natural shield and a moisturizer. However, when produced in excess, that same oil can overwhelm and clog your pores, resulting in acne breakouts and a slick, shiny complexion. As a man whose skin falls on the greasy side of normal, I’ve been eager to find a solution.

My first step was a daily face wash, which seemed like a logical fix, but I soon found that cleansing could actually make things worse. A heavyweight cleanser can strip skin of its natural oil, which trains it to compensate by making even more. The solution is not to remove the oil, but to balance its production: And that’s where face oil comes in.

The botanical blends in a face oil are a far cry from natural sebum. They absorb faster, and lock in more moisture, while infusing skin with nutrients that keep it healthy and hearty. Many blends also come with added perks: PLANT Face Oil features Nordic sea buckthorn, a natural antiseptic that works wonders on acne. A few drops of oil after your morning cleanse will take the place of sebum, providing the same benefits without the greasy texture. This will also train your sebaceous glands to slow their production, leaving skin clear, and your oil anxiety soothed. Game, set, matte.

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