Summer Hairstyle for Men

This is 2015’s Top Summer Hairstyle for Men

What is the cut of summer 2015? Is it the pompadour? The relaxed quiff? Or perhaps some new-fangled take on the undercut? We asked an expert for his opinion.

According to celebrity stylist Vaughn Acord, the top summer hairstyle for men has the following characteristics: It's short, but not too short, and it's high-contrast, but skin-fade free. And, best yet, it’s easy to grow. Here is his take on the cut you ought consider for the rest of summer:

"Haircuts have to evolve over time and for the last several years it's been extremely short on the sides, leaving the hair to pile on the top. So guys either have to use tons of product to style it into a quiff, or tie it into a knot.

“This type of severe undercutting has evolved, and we're going towards growing the hair longer. I'm starting to see the hair being spilled onto the forehead this summer. There's a bit more hair on the sides and the length is longer on the top, which starts to drop down in the front.

“Those with undercuts can reach this haircut in about a month by not cutting the sides, so there's some length, and blending the top in a little bit more. Determining if you're fit for this look, along with how much length you should have on the top and sideburns, is a great conversation to have with your stylist, but generally most men look better with a little bit of hair. It softens and warms things up. When it comes to styling, choose products based on your hair's texture. V76's V Rated Wax is pretty universal. And the Molding Paste is a mild microfiber that you can wet and comb the hair back or forward."

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Photo courtesy of V76 by Vaughn

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