4 Reasons to Swap Your Lotion for a Body Serum This Summer

Our skin doesn’t stop at our necks, but our skincare routines frequently do. While we meticulously layer toners, serums, and creams on our face, our arms and legs are lucky if they get slapped with some lotion every other day. Body serums give your limbs the same antiaging, skin-perfecting treatment your face receives on a regular basis, with all the hydrating power of an everyday lotion. Here’s why you’ll love these lightweight, summer-friendly formulas:

They Won’t Weigh You Down

Just like your cover-ups, your summer moisturizer should be light and airy. Instead of hydrating with heavy humectants or concentrated oils, body serums moisturize without suffocating the skin. Plus, they absorb quickly, so you can spend less time rubbing in product, and more time sipping on a fruity cocktail. Layer them under your regular SPF to keep your skin extra protected throughout the sunny season.

They Have Just the Right Amount of Shine

Just a few pumps of an oil-infused serum like this one from Sunday Riley will give your body that dewy finish you usually covet on your cheeks. After hopping out of the shower, smooth onto damp skin to get a subtle sheen—toning ingredients like blackberry and watermelon seed oil will make your whole body instantly look brighter. Plus breathable oils absorb quickly and won’t rub off on your favorite sundress.

They’ll Make You Look Even Better in a Bikini

No, we’re not talking flat abs or firm thighs. Body serums are packed with a blend of healing antioxidants that can help even out skin tone, firm sagginess, and prevent other annoying skin issues like discoloration that can cramp your two (and one) piece style. One Love Organics Body Serum contains pumpkin seed oil, a natural source of exfoliating salicylic acid to refine skin texture and omega 7s to increase elasticity.

They’re Lazy Girl-Friendly

On summer days when you’re feeling your most low maintenance, you can use your body serum from head to toe. Spritz One Love’s formula into your hair to refresh beachy waves, or on your pulse points to replace your go-to fragrance: The Neroli scent will give you a boost of energy when the heat’s making you feel particularly lethargic, and Chamomile will help you (and your skin) chill out.

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