Sure, the jaw-dropping dream-home renderings and renovations are what hooked us at first, but it’s the Scott twins’ awesome bro-banter that keeps us coming back to HGTV’s Property Brothers. Lucky for us—and anyone interested in upgrading their home space—the duo stopped by Birchbox HQ to give some helpful décor tips.

1. Add a feminine touch
Ditch those college movie posters, guys.

2. Ditch your dorm pieces
Same idea: Lose the old couch with marinara stains.

3. Swap in accents
Instead of replacing everything in one overhaul, focus on smaller accent pieces that will stand out.

4. Refinish older pieces
A little elbow grease and some spray paint can prevent an excruciating trip to Ikea.

5. Reupholster chairs
The process is actually easy, plus you get to use a staple gun.

6. Get the right light
Create the perfect ambiance without the worry of blowing out the candle you forgot about.

7. Brighten your walls
Because every room can’t be a man cave.

8. Create a feature wall
This can showcase your favorite room or those accents we talked about.

9. Add an area rug
Patterns and solid colors will both break up the room and add texture.

10. Deck the walls
Curtains aren’t just for the ladies.

Read our full interview with Jonathan and Drew here and follow their adventures on Twitter at @MrSilverScott and @MrDrewScott.

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