Garrett Pike, lead barber at Brooklyn’s Persons of Interest, has amassed a collection of nearly 100 restored—and fully functional—vintage safety razors. Here he shows off a few of his favorites and shares some tips for aspiring collectors.

BB Man: Where's the best place to buy vintage safety razors?

Pike: I always have good luck in antique stores. The price isn't insane yet. You can do eBay or Etsy online but you almost always have to put some love into the ones you find there.

BB Man: Any advice for restoring them?

Pike: If you want to buy mint vintage razors or you want your old razor restored, try I just clean them with hot water and a little alcohol. Dry them off put some oil on the screws and they're usually good to shave.

BB Man: How many do you have in your collection? What’s your favorite?

Pike: I have close to 100 straight razors, and a lot of safety razors too, but only 20 or so I actually shave with. I love Gillette. My favorite is a 51 Super Speed or my 53 Rocket. They both have great handles and provide incredible, smooth shaves.

BB Man: What's your go-to for razor blades?

Pike: I order from a lot for blades. I like Feather, Derby, and Astra. I will also pick up a pack of Wilkinson Swords from the bodega if I'm in a bind.

You can visit Garrett for a shave and haircut at Persons of Interest in Brooklyn. For more shaving tips and grooming advice (including Garrett’s safety razor shave tutorial be sure to check out Birchbox Man's YouTube channel. Not a subscriber? Join now.

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